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Datacenter Priorities IT Facilities 2019

Email Share Print Enterprises undergoing digital transformation demand capabilities that support ever increasing data volumes and data rates. Hence, to future-proof data center (DC) networks, IT and facilities teams require the right technologies that align with sustainable investment strategies.One prevailing trend that extends from 2018 is the growing demand and investments by businesses and organizations for both centralized cloud data center services as well as edge data centers.On one hand, "the very techniques developed by hyperscale cloud giants are now migrating to the enterprise, where distributed applications now rule," according to Scott Raynovich, chief analyst at Futuriom. "There's more pressure than ever for networks to perform, and new technologies are beginning to be deployed to make sure that networks don't become the bottleneck for the cloud." Competitive edgeEqually, today's digital-economy businesses are placing more compute, networking…

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