New in PRTG: System Information

System Information gives you additional information about your devices which you can't get from standard monitoring alone. Together with all of PRTG's other monitoring features you now gain profound knowledge about your IT infrastructure from a single source—your PRTG Network Monitor.
System Information

How Does System Information Work?

System Information shows you details about a monitored device, such as what hardware is connected, what software is installed, what user accounts are connected, what processes are running, and what Windows services are available and with what status. This System Information appears as a new tab on the device's overview page.
The System Information overview page displays this information in different lists. Some of the points offer additional, more detailed information for their current values with a "More info" menu.
If you can't see System Information in your PRTG installation yet, just update to the current version of PRTG. And for more details and technical insights check the PRTG manual.

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