SOLUSIKAMI: Appliance Monitoring System dan alert via SMS

sendQuick Avera

Spontaneous monitoring and intuitive alerts via 2-Way in ensuring Systems Uptime
Seeking a cost effective and reliable resource for the management of IT networks is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. TalariaX sendQuick has identified on this requirement of The Enterprise and has developed a monitoring system which is simple to utilize and integrate into any IT or systems infrastructure of any organization, regardless of business model and/or operation modes.
In this digital age where the heavy reliance on IT is next to impossible to detach from how businesses are conducted on a daily basis and with the complexity of technology intensifying by the hour, it is apparent that it is necessary, if not mandatory for businesses to adapt fast to such changes and adopt security measures in aid to protect their operability. However, most security measures often are often complicated, expensive and requires too much time to assimilate with the appointed operators.
sendQuick Avera is an easy to use, plug-&-play, active 2-Way monitoring system which is befitting to all business IT operational requirements. Be notified instantaneously on critical events that have manifested at your data center or system infrastructure and receive a consolidated view of all your notifications as well as responses.
TalariaX sendQuick® Avera is a plug-and-play appliance with key features including:
– Filter rules for SNMP Traps, Syslog and Email (SMTP) with multi-level escalation and report
– SMS is utilized to check on server status as well as restart of services
– 5 levels of escalation reports delivery via SMS
– Address book and shift management for better resource planning over integrated leave management
– Ticketing feature via SMS job dispatch with acknowledgement function
– Summarized graphical report for overall and per system/task
– Unlimited user accounts
– Scalable to support up to 32 GSM modems
– Options for RAID and High Availability (HA) for zero down-time implementation
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