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Integrated Communications

Seamless Integration to MS outlook or Lotus Notes
TalariaX sendQuick offers an appliance based SMS gateway for integrated communications suitable for organizations looking to seamlessly integrate emails, appointments and calendaring functions. This helps in managing as users are given an overview of all messages on an interface they are accustomed to.
With increasingly hectic business operations coupled with a wide multitude of communication methods, a unified platform to better manage emails, appointments and calendaring functions from Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes can potentially assist in time and cost savings.
sendQuick Communciations is designed with features like easy access to global and personal directories as well as keyword management to route incoming SMS to other applications to facilitate interactive transactions.
Why do I need a sendQuick SMS appliance gateway for Integrated Communications?
– Increased efficiency
sendQuick Communications offers greater convenience and efficiency in managing emails and SMS. It provides a consolidated view of all messages with a familiar interface for the user. The integrated platform often results in savings of resources like time and money as well as productivity gains.
– Send or receive email messages as SMS to any mobile phone
Send and receive email correspondences directly to mobile phones to aid notification time for individuals who are constantly on the go. sendQuick Communications provides native integration to Outlook 2007 and 2010 with options of clients for Lotus Notes.
– Track and store SMS as emails directly and automatically
Tracking and storing sent and received SMS as emails which can be directed to folders on the Outlook 2007 or 2010 platform provides an easy one stop archiving and backtracking platform.
How do I integrate sendQuick appliances?
sendQuick Communications can be integrated to Outlook 2007, 2010 via Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) with options of clients for Lotus.
Email us to explore further options.
What do I need to setup sendQuick appliances?
TalariaX takes pride in providing a solution that is effective yet simple to set up, use and maintain. Each sendQuick server comes with a modem and is scalable up to 32 modems. Simply connect the sendQuick server to a power socket, cable, type in the respective IP addresses, insert a SIM card into your modem and it is ready to use! Check out our video demonstration on setting up your sendQuick appliance here.
- Power Socket
- RJ 45 Cable (LAN Cable)
- IP Address, Netmask, Gateway IP
- SIM Card (Pre-paid or Post-paid from any operators)

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