SOLUSIKAMI: Monitoring perangkat dan kirimkan alert via SMS

Obtain quick and reliable IT alerts to reduce IT system downtime cost effectively
TalariaX sendQuick offers an appliance based SMS gateway for automated IT notifications which have helped businesses from a myriad of industries like finance, education, healthcare, hospitality in over 10 countries worldwide minimize system downtime effectively.
With the increasing importance of IT in various aspects of an organization whether it be for customer service, operations, marketing or finance, it is necessary for many organizations to maintain continuous uptime for the IT infrastructure so as to ensure business continuity. Coupled with the increasing mobility of staff and mobile phones as the most prevalent personal device, SMS alerts presents itself as a quick and cost effective method to notify relevant personnel of undesirable happenings in the IT network so as to reduce system downtime.
Depending on your organization’s needs, TalariaX offers sendQuick Alert, sendQuick Alert Plus and sendQuick Entera for IT Alerts and Notifications. Zero downtime can be achieved with high availability, featured in our sendQuick Alert Plus andsendQuick Entera models.
Why do I need a sendQuick SMS appliance gateway for IT alerts?
- Improved response time to reduce system downtime
SMS messages are quick, reliable and independent of internet access. One can receive messages even while overseas. This positions SMS as an ideal solution to receive IT alerts and notifications anytime and anywhere to respond quickly to undesirable happenings in the IT infrastructure thus preventing or reducing potentially huge losses resulting from IT system downtime.
- Increased Reliability
sendQuick appliances are equipped with features like built-in SMS reminders and escalation capabilities to ensure message acknowledgement. All messages are also date/time stamped for enhanced monitoring and tracking purposes. In addition, our sendQuick appliances designed for IT alert purposes have a built-in SMTP email gateway along with email relay functions to relay alert messages as well as serving as a back up email gateway for the enterprise.
- Good Return on Investment
Owning a sendQuick appliance gateway means quick and easy integration to your existing IT system as well as support for an unlimited number of applications and infrastructure like firewalls, anti-virus, UPS, network monitoring system, databases and other servers.
How do I do it?
sendQuick appliances can be integrated easily into your company’s existing IT Infrastructure via SMTP, ODBC and HTTP Post among others. Email us to explore further options. Below is a network diagram overview on how the sendQuick Alert Plus can be fitted into your organization’s existing IT infrastructure.
What do I need?
TalariaX takes pride in providing a solution that is effective yet simple to set up, use and maintain. Each sendQuick server comes with a modem and is scalable up to 32 modems. Simply connect the sendQuick server to a power socket, LAN cable, type in the respective IP addresses, insert a SIM card into your modem and it is ready to use! Check out our video demonstration on setting up your sendQuick appliance here.
Setup Requirements:
- Power Socket
- RJ 45 Cable (LAN Cable)
- IP Address, Netmask, Gateway IP
- SIM Card (Pre-paid or Post-paid from any operators)

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