Implementasi SMS di Moodle.

How to integrate SMS functionality into Moodle

If you are a user of Moodle you must experience the several functions of this application that allow a new type of learning/teaching experience. However, you can further improve your system by adding the proper communication method. If you find the right channel to deliver important and urgent information to target groups you will increase availability and in this way effectiveness, as well. Get more information on this webpage since this article helps you find the right communication channel...

Brief introduction to Moodle and SMS functionality

What is Moodle?
Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. Moodle provides communication and collaboration channels among individuals and even groups. It is an open source CMS and VLE:
  • CMS: Course Management System
  • VLE: Virtual Learning Environment
Your goals:
If your goal is to increase the availability and to improve your application then you are on the right page. To find the appropriate application that will ensure continuous availability is a hard task. But the solution is simple and so easy to adopt...

The solution:
All you need to do is to add SMS functionality to your application. In this way, important messages can be sent from PC to mobile phones in real time. This functionality will give you great numbers of advantages since you can avoid delays, mis-communications, and "no-shows". By implementing SMS technology you will gain a system that allows instant communication in the most simple but effective way.

SMS technology:
SMS technology can be implemented into your system if you install a stable SMS gateway software. If you choose the right SMS gateway software you can build your own SMS system easily. Such an SMS gateway is Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software. It connects to the mobile network either with GSM modem connection or IP SMS connection.

Read more about how to add SMS functionality to Moodle to improve availability and effectiveness below this page!
Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
opening the download page:
Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway!

How this solution works

After you make sure that you meet the system requirements of Ozeki SMS software you can start to build your own SMS system. If you integrate Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software into Moodle your SMS system will work as follows:
The administrator or a user (teacher) log into Moodle. S/he composes the text of the message and click on "Send". Due to the Ozeki SMS module the message will be sent out by Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software to the mobile phones of targeted people (Figure 1). That's simple but effective!

Figure 1 - System architecture

How to add SMS functionality to Moodle?

It is possible to add SMS functionality to Moodle in two possible ways. Please follow the links below to get a step-by-step configuration guides for both options:
  1. Send SMS from Moodle as Administrator
    In this case, you can log into Moodle as Administrator and can send SMS messages to the mobile phones of people.
  2. Send SMS from Moodle as a user
    This option allows users (teachers) to log into Moodle and send SMS messages to people attending on courses. Therefore it is possible to send SMS to one person of a group or you can notify whole groups who attend on courses.

Summary of Moodle SMS solution

SMS functionality is able to extend the functions of Moodle. By introducing SMS functionality you can be sure that real-time and efficient messaging can be realized. For example, groups can be notified about the cancellation of the lesson, teachers can send homework tasks reminders, or other important information, reminder or notifications can be sent via SMS messages. You only need to choose the right SMS software that can meet your requirements...

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